About MMI

Our focus is on-line monitoring, analysis, forecasting and custom-tailored research of the metallurgy market and adjacent industries.

We analyze the state of the market and monitor all important events of metallurgy sector in key regions including Russia and CIS countries.

Our goal – is to provide up-to-date, in-depth and reliable information on metallurgy markets exposing businesses to best-effective solutions in the volatile market environment and offering them distinctive edge in their segments.

Our products


We offer monthly, quarterly and yearly forecast reports for the markets of metal products and raw materials in CIS and the world.

On-line monitoring of the industry, consistent data collection, and MMI’s proprietary methodologies give us a head-start in tracing price indices across major metallurgy markets.

Our analytical products are based on both open-source and exclusive information contributed by a broad range of market participants supplying us with exclusive and reliable data.

In addition to our periodical products, we offer consultancy services based on in-depth research of the market specific to each customer’s needs and issues.

Our periodical reports – are instrumental for monitoring the state of the market while staying in touch with the market trends. This option is chosen by enterprises committed to flexible marketing policy and sensitive to any movements.

Our journal – makes an aid for an executive in a metallurgy company; providing quality analyses, forecasts and expert comments on the state of the market.

Our customized research projects – explore market niches identifying the needs of each customer.

On-line consultations – by our experts on the metallurgy industry provide the on-going informational support of your business.

Our team

Our team unites professionals with extensive experience in both consultancy agencies and metal holdings. With the main MMI office in Moscow, our employees and partners are stationed in Ukraine, the U. K. and Asian countries.

MMI employs full-time analysts, market observers, engineering professionals as well as independent experts enlisted for consulting projects addressing the needs of particular customers.

Our team undertakes to provide you not only with quality analytical reports and custom-tailored research, but with prompt on-line consultations as well.