Consultancy services

Our consultancy team invites you to take advantage of its expertise, research and forecasting know-how underpinned by services of independent experts on world metallurgy market to find insightful marketing solutions for your business. Our research will support the advancement of your corporate strategy, adjust your long-term and short-term planning to the market tendencies, identify new prospective niches. Forecasts of industrial developments will forward the competitiveness of your business, enhance your sensitivity to market changes and your ability to promptly identify and enter new product markets as well as to efficiently manage the risks entailed by the market changes.

Feasibility study for emerging investment projects largely rests on the in-depth analysis of the market. We offer marketing support for newly incepted projects in the metal sector. Our consultants will provide you with a detailed report on the state of the market, its capacity and behavior, the level of competition, entry barriers and risks advising on the best effective strategies.

When ordering consulting services with us, you determine the content and the scope of issues to be addressed by the product. Each customer is served with an integrated system of standard and proprietary forecasting methods finely tuned for the goal and objectives of a specific analysis. We assign a team of specialists with expertise profiles fitting the details and goals of each research project.

Our consulting services are priced on an individual basis reflecting the scope and depth of each marketing research.

Our expertise works for your future!